Established on 11 October 2022 with an electric scooter and two-wheeler sales and service for the Pen area.

Proprietor Mrs. Priya Nikhil Mahajan

We believe that India is booming today, so we decided to open an EV showroom in our region. For that, we visited many EV manufacturers in India and we tested many brands finally we got the ideal product with an Indian brand so we took the dealership of IVOOMI EV. We started our pen showroom on 11th October 2022 and got a good response in the first week. For both of our primary products, we had more than 20+ inquiries, 13+ bookings, and 6+ units sold.

Under a technology-driven scenario, the report projects how technology can play an important role in reducing the cost of the battery and other components. It provides insights into the required infrastructure, manufacturing capability, policies, and technology-development priorities for EVs. Studies are predicting a huge growth in demand for electric scooters in the Indian market. The sales of electric two-wheelers will jump to 78% of the total two-wheeler sales in the country by 2030, helped by government policies, technology, infrastructure, and consumer acceptance, a report by Redseer Strategy Consultants has said. –Article by Meena Janardhan

The product we sell in the Pen region is new but well-known, safe, and powerful. if someone thinks why IVOOMI – The reason behind this is Indian manufacturing, so don’t worry after sales. Before taking up the franchise and distributorship, we carefully evaluated all aspects and decided to sell the brand only after we were satisfied. This product is as strong on the inside as it looks beautiful on the outside.



iVOOMi successfully made strides in different sectors such as telecommunication, audio equipment, technology accessories, DIY components, and smart gadgets. With the aim of driving the vision of a greener and cleaner future, the company has moved into a new era of providing sustainable mobility solutions. The company aims to set a new benchmark in the EV industry with its key proposition to deliver “eco-friendly products” engrained with high-quality specifications and world-class speed, efficiency, and innovation.

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