NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

पोट भरेल पण , मन नाही…

Proprietor Mr. Irfan Shaikh

NAWAB’S Biryani House is a famous food house in the pen region. We provide all types of veg-nonveg food with many more varieties. since 2017, we are here to give our service and the good quality of our food. last 5 years there are good responses of our customers in pen Raigad Maharashtra.

Food today, whether at any wedding, social soiree, or corporate event is a holistic indulgence that bestows a rich, sensorial experience to discerning millennial guests. NAWAB’S Biryani House is well-positioned to craft out splendid spreads custom-designed keeping in mind the evolving requirements of clients, whose multi-cultural and cross-continental palates yearn for invigorating food from across the globe, and who also seek solace in native, traditional cuisines.

We are a young bespoke Best Restaurant venture in the Pen region and our NAWAB’S Biryani House menus are geared up to present cuisines of your choice which promise fine, superior dining experiences…all offered at competitive prices and with personalized service and attention to detail.

MEET & GREET – NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

Once you give us a shout, we reach out to you to gather a better idea about you, your family, the making of your love story, and the kind of role you’d want food to play on your wedding day and during the course of the multiple events planned.


Next, we bring out our master menu and discuss with you not only your food preferences but even those of your family and your guests. Depending on your preferences, we help you streamline and customize your menu.

BUDGETING – NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

Irrespective of your budgets, we assure you of a full-blown epicurean indulgence that will guarantee you and all of your guests a culinary fiesta to cherish forever.

TASTINGS – NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

Our offerings are never complete without food trials and tastings, which we believe are paramount before any deal closure. If you require a re-trial, you are welcome to have one.

After the tastings, you can confirm your personalized menu and start counting for the big day…while we get your lip-smacking delights.

Corporate Events – NAWAB’S Biryani House Pen

We take ahead our gastronomic legacy with corporates by getting into the granularity to demystify corporate appetites and produce gourmet spreads for the working millennials. These menus are fashioned keeping in mind the right dose of nutrition, energy, and taste to ensure professionals remain recharged and motivated.

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